Feel like you are living instead of simply surviving.


Hi Beautiful,

You don’t need fads or the newest health trend, you have enough going on in your life already.

In fact, everything you need is already inside you. Your intuition is rock solid, you just need the language to interpret it and the confidence to act on it. Understanding your nature and your natural rhythm makes everything sooooo much easier,
and it just makes sense.

Healthy choices become simple, easy and best of all effective for you!

It’s not as hard as most people think…

Flourish Yoga is all about helping you…

Sleep Better

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep will do… and surprising how to make this happen.

Find Balance

Whether it’s your hormones, your stress levels or simply your choices. Tip the scales back in your favour.

Feel Strong

Pain, digestion, anxiety all take away your shine. Heal the root cause instead of applying band-aids and see how radiant you can be.

Flourish Yoga, Founder

Hi, I’m Krista, yoga teacher, engineer, essential oil addict and health coach for women who care.

And I already know one thing about you: You are trying to find balance and joy in the craziness of your life. As a mom of 2 girls {and Toby – the younger brother who happens to have 4 legs and fur} and yoga professional – I understand how busy life gets.

Through my own journey of re-aligning to nature’s rhythm and using natural healing supports, I now feel refreshed and excited for each new day and have WAY more capacity to be there for those I love. I enjoy food that my body loves, I don’t have all the aches and pains {and hot flashes}. I thought was just getting older but now I have WAYYY more energy than I did at 25!

And if I can do it, so can you!

What’s the Next Best Step for YOU?

Here’s how to start loving and looking after you.

Rebuilding your energy step by step.

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Discover Your Nature

Gift yourself a moment to reflect on your unique make-up.

Take the Dosha Quiz and get tips and tools for helping you stay in balance.


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Get nature working for you!

Free class to find your optimal daily rhythm.

Learn to trust your intuition and mother nature to know what’s right for you.


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Join Daily Essentials

Rhythm, Recipes and Rituals for your healthy glow.

The course and community that makes it easy to follow-through and stay on track.


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I help women flourish.

I used to be a confirmed night owl…

“With these simple schedule adjustments, I finally feel like I am able to handle my very busy schedule with more ease AND I feel happier and more centered. 

I also used to feel terrible anxiety often and that’s nearly gone from the changes I made. Since I was already very stressed out the thought of adding in anything else was overwhelming. But Krista encouraged me to do very small steps and to celebrate what I did instead of focusing on what I didn’t do. This gave me a feeling of accomplishment and made me want to do more.”

Lissa Sandler – Brand & Digital Strategist
Laguna Beach, California

This awareness of how my energy naturally flows has changed my life.

“Before the course, life was stagnant, I needed to take a leap to take action. However, I didn’t expect it to have such a huge impact in the end. 

I just thought I would learn a few things and broaden my knowledge. I’ve read about Ayurveda before but once Krista explained the Daily Rhythm everything just clicked.

It gives me a feeling of living. I don’t have all these should’s and things I needed to do. Now I go to work after having already accomplished something, instead of just going to work and then coming home tired.”

Ali Woodman, Gallery Assistant and Yoga Teacher
Invermere, BC

Supporting MY health, benefits me and all those I love.

“The shift that is positive but also challenging is prioritizing myself. This is not what I was programmed to do so it is not my first instinct. But by taking care of myself I am learning to love myself which makes it easier to take care of myself. 

The thing that I have learned that has been the most transformational to me is the idea of habit stacking…. Oh and the bonus module on stress – that’s helped both me and my son.”

Melissa Morrison, Environmental Project Manager
Calgary, AB

Discover Your Nature

When you know your nature everything becomes… well… second nature.

  • From what foods you can eat guilt-free
  • Which essential oils will calm your type of stress
  • How to best look after your skin
  • Exercise hacks and motivators…
  • To finding your peaceful centre so you can respond instead of react.

Uncovering your unique personality will help you sort through all the self-help advice and know what’s effective for you.

Let’s get started.

Flourish Yoga – Latest from the blog…

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell


Knowing and doing are two different things.

Putting your wisdom and intuition into practice takes support and belief from yourself, your mentor and your community.

At Flourish Yoga we support each other through

community, inspiration and holding the belief that

what we do can make a difference.

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